Ode To Scully

Words by Jill Lively



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We were not expecting, nor know we had need,

Of one scruffy dachshund, high yeller', half breed, 

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  We didn't want one more dog mouth that must eat,

Especially a dog whose breath smelled like bad meat,

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No, we did not know - alas had not a clue,

We needed to go from one dachshund to two,

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We didn't know our clan was not quite complete,

Till she pranced on in our lives  so small and sweet,

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 She wasn't a dog we'd have gone out and picked,

Especially a dog who just licked, licked, and licked,

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We'd not pick a dog that had such skin disease,

We'd not pick a dog that was riddled with fleas,

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But God, He knew we needed this peppy pup,

Thank God He directed our Scully to us,

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We'll miss our shared naps in the late afternoon,

And how when she'd see us, roll over and swoon,

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We'll miss how she'd jump from the floor to the bath,

On her morning walk, run ahead on the path,

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How good she would be if she needed a pill,

How happy she was to see her svelte Aunt Jill,

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How Scully would pose so erect on the deck,

And hold oh so still to get kissed on the neck,

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How she kept our farm squirrel-free for eight years,

Well miss her seal look and her soft, silky ears

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She'd stand on her hind legs, head back, close her eyes....

So much joy packed into a dog for her size!

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It's hard to believe that our Scully is gone,

Not out riding tractors with our neighbor John,

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That her and pal Sweetie will not romp and play

Nor wait our return with meat from R & K,

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We didn't know dogs like her were on this earth,

We didn't know what a mere pup could be worth,

We know now we needed her, were glad she came,

Without our dog, this farm will not be the same