New Photos

Visit from Stacy and Frank June 2008

Stacy and Frank came up for the weekend just a couple of weeks before Stacy gave birth to the newest grandchild.

Cutest grandchild EVER!!! Cutest Grandma EVER!!! Mom and Sophie Great photo. Even better Jud on roof


More Photos of Sweet Sophie I have no idea...maybe gas? I am framing this one. Co Co


Sophie and Co Co Humming Bird Sophie and Grandpa Joel It's hard to color inside the lines Grandma


Humming Bird


Jud Gus Stacy on front porch


Me Stacy Callie

Trip to Austin 2008

Mom and I went to Austin this last weekend to see the new grandbaby. We had such a wonderful time traveling there, talking and listening to music. Stacy and Frank were the perfect hosts as always. Sophie got some presents and we all went out to dinner. Jameson is just the bees knees.

Mom and Jameson Sophie's new playmate


Stacy said, "Here...hold this." and the next thing I knew we were both nodding off.


Last shots before mom and I left. Wish we had some of Frank.

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