In Memory of Jane Lively

I realize this should have been done a while back but I found it hard to look at all the pictures before now. Next month it will have been one year that Jane passed away. Below are some of my favorite pictures of her. Also there are some links to other pages below and I hope you take the time to visit them.

Mere words can never express my gratefulness and gratitude to my family, friends and co-workers for all the support and love they showed toward me during those dark days right after Jane passed away. The are not enough pages to fill up with all the stories of what happened to me after April 18, 2007. The love and support that was extended toward me during this last year is something I will never forget.

But I have to say a special thank you to mom, who was and is always there to take my phone call when I'm having a meltdown. Even with everything that is going on in her life, she always takes the time to help me ride it out. I remember times when I have called her and been so racked with grief I could not even speak. But she was always there at the other end of the phone line...waiting...listening...and comforting me until I have it under control. She never tells me to do this or do that...she is just there...and I don't know where I would have been without her.

Also thank you to Jeff, Stacy and Jordan for allowing me to be in your lives. All the love that Jane felt toward you three was passed on to me. I love you all fiercely...deeply and hope I can continue to be a part of your lives.

Joel Lively ~ March 12, 2008


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Jane a couple of months before we married July 25th, 1981
Horseshoe Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas.
How beautiful she looked that day!!
We were poor but happy!!

    One of my favorite memories of Jane: Sometimes when we were watching TV, I would slide off the couch during a commercial and crawl over to her chair across the room and lay my head in her lap. She would start giggling when I was about half way there. Once I had my head in her lap she would  pet me like a dog and say, "...I know...I honey had a
hard day..." ~ Joel


Jane and I on our one year anniversary 1982 Jane with Jason and Joshua Stacy Jane with Jeff, Stacy and Jason in front of House of Frames 1984 One of my favorite pictures. Jane and I at the Arlington Sportsman's Club in 1984 Another favorite of mine taken in 1984 at House of Frames.

My mom was afraid of roaming charges, but she just could not stand still when talking on the phone!! Or how she ALWAYS bought a coffee cup at a garage sale -- never drank coffee in her life, but didn't want the strangers to think that she didn't like their stuff ~ Stacy

Jane had Jordan when she was 40. I never saw such a devoted mother. Berger's Lake in 1990 Jane 1990 Jane with grandsons Christopher and Michael

One night toward the end of her life, I went in to check on Jane and found her slumped over in bed and she would not wake up. I franticly called 911 and soon there were seven, big, strapping, good-looking paramedics standing around her bed. Jane picked this time to come around...saw all the good looking guys standing around her bed...and said to them: "Oh my...I have not had this dream in a long time!!" ~ Joel

Jane with Jordan at Ranch Jane and I at the ranch Jane and I at the IAB Christmas party. December 13, 2004 Jane with Michael


Jane with Jeff, Stacy and Jordan in Austin the day after Stacy and Frank's Wedding Jane at Stacy's wedding.
July 3rd, 2004
Jane and kids the day after Stacy's wedding Jane with newest grandchild Sophie Webster in 2005 Jane with baby Sophie, in spring 2006 Jane and Sophie Thanksgiving 2006


After Jane's funeral with Sophie Michael and Christopher get ready to release the balloons Liftoff And the rainbow that appeared an hour later