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The Smith family is perhaps the best documented family in our tree. There have been four publications that follow the Smith family line from Germany to present day America and much of the information here was taken from those sources. The best and most thorough publication is "An Album of Smith History," by William Woodrow Smith and Martin Woodrow Smith. This is an excellent book with lots of information and pictures. Many thanks to Carole Ulmer for providing me with a copy.

Another good source is "The Smith Family - Descendants of Michael Smith," a booklet prepared by Carole Ulmer printed in 1996. This book has many wonderful stories of our relatives written by their descendants. The most touching in my opinion is the story of Lucinda Bell Smith, daughter of Michael and Hannah Smith. This is one of my favorite publications.

The third booklet, "The Smith & Reed" Families," is by Beverly Fleming. The genealogy is arranged in chapters by generations. It starts with Martin M, Smith and his first generation, then second, then third generation and so on. There is an introduction that leaves us questioning some facts that we have heard about our relatives. Mrs. Fleming gives different accounts of what is known about Martin Smith and tells us of her different sources. 

The fourth book, "The Smith History 1776-1996", by Jeff Baker is one I could not get a copy of even though I have talked to the author a few times. Jeff only printed about a hundred copies and I got there too late. Jeff has been to the Smith Mansion several times and was once given a guided tour by the renter who opened the door when he knocked. Carole Ulmer was good enough to copy her book for me. Jeff's book has lots of great information although he is descended from a different line.

My uncle Art Fox "gave" me a very old copy of "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Shelby County. Illustrated. Vol. II". Michael Smith was listed in the 1910 book,  a scan of which I have posted on the page "Michael Smith". With so much that has already been written about the Smith line...I see no need to research it myself. Thanks to all who provided me with the materials and photographs.

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FEBRUARY 18th, 2008 Update:
Our cousin and friend Carole Ulmer (Smith) has put together the most comprehensive book on the descendants of Michael Smith that has been done yet. She has graciously offered to make them available to anyone who would like one. I have one and it is fantastic. There are many photos and wonderful stories through out the book. You can contact Carole

$55. for color, $22. for black and white plus postage which is 4.60 priority and 2.47 book rate (But this may change May 10.)