Judson Cary Lively

Judson Cary Lively was born July 23, 1889 in Louisville, IL. He was the first child of William Benton Lively and Mary Ellen Mullens. Judson lived on a farm his entire life.  He sold twine to farmers during the depression.  He also opened up a shoe repair store in Shelbyville. Later in life he learned to be a mason and made concrete blocks. He served in World War I and although he was not in combat or even sent overseas...he was deeply changed by it. Judson suffered from depression his entire life and it affected him and those whom he loved. Regardless...his children never knew hunger and always had clothes to wear. All the younger children worked so the older ones could go to collage.
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In horse and buggy, date unknown His his Military Greens. Date unknown With sons Judson Richard and Maurice. With first wife Eva. With son Maurice

But he was at his best when he was telling stories. His entire demeanor would change and his eyes would light up. He was said to be an excellent story teller. His first wife was Eva Cassamera Davis, daughter of George Illinski Davis. He and Eva belonged to the Universalist church. They had five children: Florien, Virginia, Maurice, Sarah Jean, Robert and Judson Richard. Eva died March 14, 1935. Judson married Wava in ? Judson died January 04, 1979.

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With son Maurice With second wife Wava Judson Cary Lively Judson Cary Lively