George Illinski Davis

I have not started my research of George I. Davis as yet. I only recently found out who his father and grandfather were. I'll continue to research him and the other Davis' so keep checking back. You might want to check out his obituary below. It has some interesting facts such as going to live on his grandfather's farm when his mother died. Also check out the census records which show him living on his Grandfather Supronoski's farm in 1880. 

DavisFamilyGroup_001ds.jpg (216236 bytes) DavisSchoolPhotoTitled.jpg (90260 bytes) 1880Census_GeorgeIDavis.jpg (721505 bytes) 1910Census_GeorgeIDavis01.jpg (490620 bytes)
Family Group Photo School photo showing a lot of the Davis'. 1880 census showing George and his bothers living with Grandfather George Suprunowki. 1910 Census showing most of the George I. Davis Family
CharlesIDavisObit3.jpg (396890 bytes) GeorgeIDavis_01.jpg (71905 bytes)    
George I. Davis Obit. Best photo I have of George I. Davis.